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Have a Barbeque on Your New Patio

Enjoy the beautiful climate of Northern Colorado on a brand new concrete patio. Customize your patio design to compliment your home, and contact Miller Concrete to get started!

Concrete patios are easy to clean with virtually zero upkeep. With our help you can enjoy a durable, level concrete patio for your next barbeque or relaxing night under the Colorado sky!

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Cracked, Unsightly Concrete?

Simple concrete fillers are like applying a Band-Aid to a hole in your favorite pair of jeans. With time, that crack will reappear and continue to grow.

The best solution to repair unsightly concrete is to contact Miller Concrete to replace the affected area. Read more about how we can help by clicking on the link below.

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Time for a Driveway Makeover

Tired of spending money resealing your asphalt driveway every year? Concrete driveways are a durable and long lasting alternative, with many customizable options, including color. They also add a pleasing aesthetic to your home, making you the envy of your neighbors!

Contact Miller Concrete to get a free estimate on your new concrete driveway.

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Gain Curb Appeal with a New Walkway

Add value you to your home by adding or replacing a sidewalk or walkway. Increase surface access with a textured finish of your choice, getting the look and utility.

From flowing curves to angled stairways, every walkway is a custom fit to enhance or "frame" the overall property, boosting curb appeal.

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The Perfect Floor for your Garage or Storage

Whether your adding space to your shop or garage, you can know you'll always get a level smooth finish with Miller Concrete.

Using a troweling machine known as a power trowel, you gain consistency that human error can't provide and we use a power trowel every time.

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Sub-Contract to Miller Concrete

If you have that a job that needs quality flatwork, call us and set up an appointment today

We'll use our knowledge and expertise to make sure your project comes to fruition the way you brilliantly invisioned it.

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